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Our water orientation classes are a great way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of swimming and safe play in the water.

With classes starting from 6 months of age, this is the perfect opportunity to learn and grow with your child in the water through a 30 minute class. 

These classes will be the first taste of learn to swim without mum & dad in the water. For ages 2 yrs - 4 yrs lasting 30 minutes each.  Classes will have a maximum of 5 children per class. We focus on further developing motor skills and their love for the water as well as some fundamental listening and instructive skills ahead of their Kindergarten journey.

These classes are for our school based children to continue to develop their swimming skills in a fun and exciting environment.

With classes available after school and on the weekend, we can ensure our swimKamp students can still continue to grow and learn once starting school. 

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Through this class schedule, swimmers will have the opportunity to push their skills, technique and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way in order to bridge the gap between learn to swim classes and 'squad swimming' at a competitive club.

Please note we are looking into the opportunity to offer semi private lessons for families or buddies that wish to have a smaller class at a higher cost as well as one on one private lessons should that be a better option for you and your child. 

Please be sure to fill out our expression of interest form in order for us to gauge interest in this service. 

Although our facility is specifically catered for learn to swim lessons, we are proud to announce that swimKamp will offer selected times during the week for casual use of our facility for self guided hydrotherapy/active recovery sessions along with Water Aerobics Classes

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page or email for further details 

Register Your Interest Today

Email to register your interest with swimKamp.

Term 4, 2023 is about to commence,  for waitlist clients we have limited capacity during the morning, after school and on weekends and will endeavour to accommodate those where possible.

538 South Arm Rd Lauderdale Tasmania

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