What makes it unique? 

TOP 3 Differences

Viewing Area 

Transfer of Knowledge

One major obstacle that may be surprising is the level of noise generated by spectators on pool deck.  swimKamp has a separate viewing area enabling teacher and class participants only in the pool area.

The floor to ceiling glass will allow full uninterrupted viewing of the class, with a further view over Ralphs Bay to Mount Wellington.  Sit back and relax 

Pool Design

Purposed for Learn to Swim

The pool is separated into two sections, one for Water Orientation, the other for Stroke Correction & Gentle Exercise.  With the smaller shallow pool specifically designed for our younger swimmers to transition from Water Orientation.

This smaller pool starts at 0.35M deep and acts as a safety ledge for toddlers, moving to 0.7M off the ledge and graduates to 0.9M.  This pool is specifically designed to accommodate this transition.  Many parents look forward to not needing to get in with their child.

The larger pool at 5M wide by 12.5M long can facilitate all other offerings from the centre.  With the depth starting at 1.2M, graduating to 1.4M deep.  

Water Quality

Only the best

As parents of young children we understand how sensitive young skin is and how pools can effect people with conditions like eczema and dermatitis. 

To this we have invested in the top of the line Therachlor fresh water mineral chlorinator with Neptune Benson Filter 

There is no smell like traditional or Saltwater chlorinated pools.  You will feel a notable difference of the water on your skin.

Our installers have nominated this system to be the most advanced commercial filtration system currently in Tasmania 


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